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Monday, February 27, 2006
  what quality is it? 'cos it aint patience
I had an interesting conversation over the weekend, strangely about knitting. As I mentioned before I started the posterboy bag and had to unknit it. Since then I have made numerous mistakes and had to go back and try again. The comment was made that "I don't know how you do it aj, you have such patience!" Now, this is not true. I am not a patient person. Put me behind a Sunday Hat Driver and I nearly go insane. I yell and scream "Bloody hurry up! Get off the road you old tool" and other such terribly offensive rantings. I think that it would be more fair to say "I don't know how you do it aj, how do you function while being such an obsessive person, so driven that you won't allow a pattern or technique to beat you?" Because I think that is closer to the truth. Knitting something new is a challenge, even if it is a plain old stocking stitch jumper - the challenge is to get it to fit, to be a piece of clothing that I want to wear. Not going so well with this challenge, but I will get there!

Here is a pic of the bag as of last night (note the weird unhinged finger - a genetic defect!):

The lumps and bumps will be ironed and blocked out (!). I am pretty pleased with it, although it is of course smaller than the one in SnB.

My friend picked up a free pattern from Spotlight, so I know what I am going to do with the ribbon yarn I bought a couple of weeks ago:

I am planning only to have two or three dropped sections, as I would prefer to use it as an evening bag - of course I go out so much I need so many evening bags (not). I will need to find some handles. Should knit up in about two hours I reckon. Again, hoping Mother will help with the lining. I am in no hurry to get my sewing machine fixed. I hate sewing!

Happy knittin'

I think you have just described every knitter I know, including myself. Ask my family, they will tell you I am the most impatient, cranky old fool yet when it comes to knitting, I will spend hours perfecting my 'craft'.

Love the poster boy bag.
Dear AJ, Yes I know you and you know me!! How exciting is that?? Very!!!!!! Only in Tasmania......
When it comes to knitting, I'm as obsessive as they come too -I write down and mark off every row so things match exactly!! Love the ribbon bag - I think I have seen those handles at The Black-Spot-Of-Doom-Light!!! Your Posterboy bag is fantastic!! I'm going to be doing some picture knitting soon. I anticipate wailing and gnashing of teeth!!
I dont think I am patient. You dont have to be patient to knit most things. I think my younger sister is patient. She does cross stitch! Now that I dont have the patience for! lol

The Poster Boy is looking good! He's on my to do list, one day some where in a galazy far far away I will knit it.

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