i heart knitting
Saturday, January 20, 2007
  I have jumped ship!
Blogger overboard. I have a new blog. I love it! Update your links, PLEASE come and have a look. I think you will like it too!

i heart knitting
Sunday, January 07, 2007
Well, I have been one frustrated knitter of late. I found this group and decided I needed to join them knitting two socks on one circular needle. I am here to tell you, I am well over it. I have been knitting for 26 years. Admittedly I am not an expert. But, I do know my way around a pair of needles. I understand, I really do. I just can't do it. Could it be to do with the amount of concentration it takes? Possibly. I am not a good concentrator. Not at all. I am also not very good at being patient. (My very short sentences might have given me away on that one! I am known for my no nonsense approach!!!) And so, because I am well adjusted enough, I gave up.

I then decided I would knit one sock on two circular needles. People, I bought some Addis. I have to use them. So, I thought to jazz it up a bit, I would do a Jaywalker. It was travelling fairly well. One sock on two circs - pretty cool. I like it. The Addis are great too, although I kinked my cord a bit trying to do magic loop. Holy shmoly. And one of them seems to have a little burr on it and catches and I don't know what to do about it. I can't find it when I am not knitting. Then, last night I made a tiny error somewhere, there was an extra stitch and in a fit of rage (remember - no patience) I pulled it off. The Opal that I am using is beginning to cast itself on. "Here is my long tail!!" It too is very kinky. Hmm.

This morning, I began again. Then I ripped it off. Because I found this, and I am so going to do two socks on two circular needles. And I am going to make them plain plain plain. But I am going to make them fraternal, so that I can at least see where I am up to. I will let you know how I go. At this rate, I might finish them by the end of '07!

I also ripped my Dublin Bay sock which was up to the toe, because I had made a mistake in the lace in the leg and it was annoying me no end. Do you feel for me yet? And all I wanna do is buy yarn! I like this though. This I am going to do. I hate picking up the stitches, it always feels like I am doing the wrong thing and it will all fall apart.

To prove that I am not completely useless, I would like to share this:

This is my Baudelaire sock for our tiny Baudelairealong. I am currently up to the gusset. I love the pattern, it is so easy to follow and only eight rows of repeat with every second on being knit knit knit.

I have been listening to some podcasts of late. Have you heard Lime and Violet? Pretty cool. They have a kind of KAL going on, where you measure how many miles of sock yarn you can knit in three months. I am not going to join, as looking at the pictures of other people's stashes puts mine to shame. And of course there is Cast On. And It's a Purl Man. Are there any Ozzie podcasters out there?
Oh yeah, and my phone died. *Sigh*
Wednesday, January 03, 2007
  Ramblings . . .
I have learned a lot in the past year, not only about knitting of course, but that's what we are all here for, so I will stick with that! I feel like a list, so here goes:

  1. Knitting is good for the soul and helps me relax and sit still.
  2. I can knit very well if I put my mind to it.
  3. Belonging to an online knitting community is lots of fun and motivates me to try new things.
  4. Some people really like receiving knitted gifts.
  5. Some people really don't.
  6. Most people think knitting is for old people, but they are mistaken and I love proving otherwise!
  7. I am slightly obsessive and will think about knitting and yarn a bit too much if I am not careful.
  8. Buying sock yarn is addictive in the extreme.
  9. I don't like knitting jumpers, nor do I like wearing knitted jumpers.
  10. That probably won't stop me trying again some day. In fact I have my eye on a cotton number from the latest Yarn magazine.

I have finished another couple of things, here is a picture of the second Mother in Law socks, which went down a right treat, just like the other pair with the other Mother in Law. I also gave a gift of a washcloth that I knitted earlier in the year but never photographed, with some yummy soap from Holy Sheet. The conversation between the giftees went something like this:

"Oh, it is so nice to receive something hand made." "It always makes me feel inadequate." "It is just so special." People should be careful what they wish for. I can feel a sock spree coming on, ready for Christmas '07. I don't know whether I could face making anything too fancy for other people. Does this make me selfish?

I forgot to share this, although Christmas is but a memory, here is our version of a white Christmas:

And in further exciting news, 2paw and I are having our own little two person Baudelairealong, so if anyone wants to join in, please do so! This has decided what I am doing with the Amethyst cashmere sock. I am yet to cast on because I have been busy with this:

and this, not to mention a pair of Fon Sox for the Tiny Madam. You will need to wait for a picture of these amazing beauties, as the model is asleep.

Knitting . . . creating something from not much at all.

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