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Tuesday, April 25, 2006
  Australians all let us . . .
What a lovely day has been had. We marched this morning in the Launceston ANZAC march, with school. Little Purl is on the SRC and Number One Son wore his great grandfather’s medals (from his father’s side). He was in PNG – this is the first year NOS has marched, and his grandfather has entrusted the medals to us now, so it will become an annual thing. Unless families are not allowed to march. I personally think this would be an absolute shame. We felt very proud today, proud to be Australian!

I knitted a bit but mainly worked on work stuff. However, I did complete armwarmer number one. I swear it is much nicer and more in focus in real life. I had a real struggle taking a picture!

And I have been working on this, up to the first heel flap. I am surprised how quickly the 4ply knits up, it doesn’t seem to take long at all.

Here is the sock I have started for Purl, SS drew me a skull and xbones chart the other evening, can you spot them? The black bit is a bit pully inny because the yarn is a slightly different size(?) and I was a bit too tight. However, she loves them so far. I am up to the heel flap on that sock too. As well as all that, I have done a minute bit of Manly. I swear I will finish this blinking jumper. One day.

Aussie Aussie Aussie.
Sunday, April 23, 2006
  the wrap

Well, here it is in all its soft focus glory. Gee black is hard to photograph. When the flash was on, you could see straight through the fabric to my green tshirt! Not good to see two luminous boobs shining through! I was about to buy a belt to go around the thing today, when Mother suggested knitting one. So I did. I cast on a kabillion stitches and knit about ten rows, then cast off. Voila, a belt.

I have gone back to my little socky, which is quite pleasing. I went to Mother's today and she had taped Knitty Gritty for me, as she is an Austar subscriber and I am not. They were knitting in the continental style, which is not too difficult but looks really weird to me. Apparently it is quicker, once you get the hang. And I know when I do try my tension is much tighter, so it might be a good idea for me.

I am going to knit some 8ply socks for Purl, as she has nicked off with mine. I am going to make them green (I know, green . . . thanks Cindy I know you are doing something subliminal on your blog!) with little skulls on them or something. I am about to look for some charts. I know Suzi has some over on her blog.

I think I am going to attempt some lacy socks with my prize. MmmMmm I can't wait. I need to ensure that I finish Manly sometime very soon, SS is being patient but there are limits.

Oh yes, and I bought the Simply Knitting magazine too, which is at Mother's because I really should be working this evening, not blogging and knitting. Ah, what can ya do?

Ciao, adios, adieu! :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006
  Mmm, wrap it, wrap it real good
Hooray! I have finished the wrap and I love love it. Not that I have sewn ends in, or anything that final, but it is done. Never have I knit so much garter stitch. Never would I have known how effective wrapping oneself in nothing but knit knit knit could be! I am actually going to photograph my actual self tomorrow wearing said wrap. Watch out.

Wowsers trousers, I won something! Check out Katt's blog. I won something and I am so excited, I just can't hide it! Now I need to work on my sock skills and make myself something so beautiful, so impressive and so wonderful I will be proud to show you all.

On another note, I went to the library today and got four knitting books, including one about history which is fascinating, and a May Gibbs book, which you could only inflict upon those under 5 (thankfully I have one of those) and another which has pics of patterns, which will help me choose the next MIL scarf. I am contemplating taking knitting on the plane on Thursday, although us Tasmanians have been known to create a rucus on aircraft. Whaddayareckon? Have any of you flown domestically, needles in hand? Photos tomorrow, I promise!

On yet another note, we went to check out the Graeme Base exhibition today, which was oh so good, especially for us grown ups. What a clever man. He draws something, and then uses tracing paper in order to redraw and make minor modifications and then repeats, repeats, repeats until he has what he wants. Perhaps I could learn something from Mr. Base. No one, nowhere ever creates something perfect the first time around, do they? Create, reflect, refine and recreate.
Friday, April 21, 2006
Well, have I been knitting?! However, there is nothing to show . . . as yet. I began my socks, which will be beautiful if when I finish them. BUT I found out on Wednesday night that I am off to Melbourne NEXT WEEK for work, and I really want to wear the wrappy vest, so I knitted, and knitted and knitted and I swear this thing could keep 4 kabillion orphaned wombats cosy (it is freakin huge), and yet it is still not finished. It is huge. I think I now have about 100 rows left, so I have left it for tonight knowing that I will finish before Thursday morning, when I am planning on looking chic, put together and completely crafty, and being able to drop into conversation that yes, I did knit this fabulous wrap that I am wearing. Ha! As if anyone could care less. But at least I will know.

Purl has blogged, check her out. She has a way with words that child, I am hoping she continues on her quest to become some kind of travelling aide worker with a regular spot in Girlfriend magazine. At least that is the plan at the moment! It's nice to have her back after she has been travelling with Poppy.

Mother arrived today to show me her new pattern book, which just happened to be the Cleckheaton Studio Mohair book I bought ages ago and made the Stripey Horror from. Perhaps her much slimmer physique will suit the patterns better. Perhaps she will have more sense than to wrap herself in fluffy stripes?

PS Thank goodness for the hiatus in rain. It allowed me to go walking for the third time this week. I may be morphing into someone who exercises, thanks to a much younger and much more exercise enthusiastic friend. Bah!
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
  I know what you're thinking . . .
Where the #$%^ was I? Well, I was here! I am afraid SS and I decided to take advantage of a relatively unbusy day and take the Number One Son and Tiny Madam and expose them to a bit of culcha. Hmm, jury is still out on the exhibition, while I thought it was interesting, it is quite small and the number of interactive machines is quite small. Still, we had fun looking at the rest of the museum. Gee willickers I spend a lot of time at the museum. I will chain myself to the Royal Park site if they decide to sell! Golly, the weather must be making me feel a bit political! How windy was it last night! Sheesh, it clean blew the camellias of my trees!

I have been obsessing over this wrappy thing that a woman was wearing at the Craft Fair, and so I went to Spotlight today and bought the pattern book. This is the object of my obsession, I have started it in . . . black. There are some really nice patterns in the book. I am not using Zhivago however. I also bought some more of the CaraMia in charcoal as MIL wants another scarf and two skeins of Patonyle sock yarn in pinky purply sort of variegated colours. I will probably cast on something soonish. I might use Shazza's pattern.

Sorry I didn't meet you girls, you must be beginning to wonder if I exist! I promise you I do.
Saturday, April 15, 2006
  Stop the world . . .
I wanna get off!

The busy period has only just died down, and although I have managed to keep up with reading blogs I have not been able to sit down and post myself. However, I will make up for it now.

I finished a couple of projects this week (take a look and let me know what you think), and thankfully also finally managed to finish the back of the Manly:

I have been having a little bit of time off the needles, as I have been finding my hands have been a bit painful at times. I can't stay away for long though, and have knitted at least a couple of rows each day. As I type I have done about 15cm of the first sleeve of Manly. Mother gave me a good tip - knit the back, then the sleeves then the front. I don't know about you, but I always find the sleeves take longer than you think they will. I am going to take her advice for this jumper.

I have decided I am not going to knit Tubey, after buying the yarn for it and all. I have been reading a KAL where people have complained that it makes them look a little busty, and as I am already more than a little busty I am not going to tempt the booby gods of fate. Instead, I am looking to find the perfect high neck sleeveless thing pattern to wear over my favourite long sleeve tshirts and shirts for the cooler days. I am even contemplating making up the pattern myself! I get quite warm at work (read flustered!) and so anything too covered just makes me purple. This project will be black. Cursed black knitting, but I can't get away from the fact I like wearing it!

The colourful bits and pieces I also bought for Tubey will be for Little Madam, not sure what but probably a cardigan. I need to go through some of my pattern books to find something suitable. She insists on wearing pink most of the time, but if I am creative and use some colourful buttons I think I can convince her to branch out.

I am getting quite excited about joining my online friends on Tuesday for a face to fact meeting. Excited and just a bit nervous. Cindy has given me directions, so I know exactly where I need to be. I don't know what I will bring to knit. Perhaps I will have something else started by then? Wasn't it a beautiful day in Launceston today? I hope Easter Bunny comes to you all, and that you have a happy and safe day. Don't eat too much chocolate!
Sunday, April 09, 2006
  nod . . . nod . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz
Firstly, in non-knitting news, I am exhausted after a busy weekend – dinner out Friday night (Calibrisella yummy as ever), Hobart yesterday and a birthday party at Maccas for number one son today plus a visitor last night, and two lots today. Back to work tomorrow for a break!

I went to the Craft Fair in Hobart yesterday, with Mum and my friend and her mother and mother in law and a couple of other taggers-along. I was slightly disappointed (read incredibly pee-ed off as this is what I went for. I have tried and failed at so many other crafts! I know what I want!) that there were only two stalls with yarn, and about 400 gazillion quilting/fabric stalls. Fat quarters as far as the eye could see. It was great to see so many people about however. And some of the quilts were amazing. And I love Japanesey things. I bought very little - some wire to knit a bracelet, which I did last night. It looks okay, I haven’t finished it with a clasp as yet but will probably do so later this evening. Maybe. I don't think I will do this again. I didn't really enjoy it and don't wear a lot of jewellery. It would be a cheap quick knit for a fair or market stall perhaps, but then you risk having 300 gazillion knitted wire and bead bracelets! And I only have three and a half friends!

I also bought some Noro Silk Garden, which I am busily turning into a beanie for moi. I have knitted most of the band, from this pattern using black and will do the top with the Noro. I am a sucker, I just had to buy something. Mum bought me some bamboo dpns 2.5mm for socks. I will get some sock yarn later in the week I think. I could have spent thousands of dollars, but as I don’t have thousands of dollars I kept it to a respectable $20! We had a lovely time and it is a while since mother and I spent time together alone, so that was cool.

In other knitting news, I finished the beanie for SS, am half way up the first armwarmer and am still plodding away VERY slowly on the Manly. Guess what? I am going to come to the SnB meeting on Easter Tuesday. I am very excited about this, can’t wait to meet you all.

Off to read some blogs. I will post photos in the next couple of days, more birthday frivolities tomorrow, but Tuesday is looking clear!

Knit on, sisters.
Thursday, April 06, 2006
  Two pats for me!
Well, the MIL Scarf went down a right treat, the MIL loved it, put it on and wore it for the whole evening last night. It suited her. Well done me, pat on the back. And, I have finished the SS Beanie despite stuffing up the extremely simple pattern and having to work out the top decreasing on my own. Did it fine and he loves it. Another pat on the back. Sorry, no photo at the moment as the camera is on Grade 7 camp along with Little Purl.

Thanks Cindy for your advice re the armwarmers, mine was okay too. I am finding it quite interesting following a graph rather than written instructions - better in some ways and not in others. Because I can't memorise the little symbols I have to keep checking what to do next. Still, I am liking them.

I am so over this week and it is only Thursday. Five work days until Easter break. Thanks heavens. I haven't got six in me at the moment.

I just checked out Cathy's blog and couldn't resist doing the quiz. Some of this is spot on. Some of it is definitely not. I am NOT an animal person. I like to look at them but find it difficult to interact with them, much like other people's babies. I never quite know what I am supposed to say to them!

You Are a Hunter Soul

You are driven and ambitious - totally self motiviated to succeed
Actively working to acheive what you want, you are skillful in many areas.
You are a natural predator with strong instincts ... and more than a little demanding.
You are creative, energetic, and an extremely powerful force.

An outdoors person, you like animals and relate to them better than people.
You tend to have an explosive personality, but also a good sense of humor.
People sometimes see you as arrogant or a know it all.
You tend to be a bit of a loner, though you hate to be alone.

Souls you are most compatible with: Seeker Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Yes I knit, just ask me!

Wow, isn’t the weather getting colder? And it is supposed to get even colderer. Perfect weather to debut the Alien Scarf! Golly, did I impress at work today?! I have been rabbiting on about knitting for ages and have drummed up some support for a knitting group. Today I wore the scarf and carried my knitting in my Posterboy. I have had so many comments. One colleague has asked if I can knit a similar bag for his daughter – Oh boy, I don’t want to do this but what do you say?! One lot did not believe me that I knitted the scarf, and oohed and aahed about the soft squishiness of the wool. My male colleagues were enthralled and I had quite a discussion with them about post feminism and the need for women to embrace knitting again. Some of them confessed to having knitted jumpers for their teddies as young men and one said he was the fingerknitting champion in Grade 4! It was quite fun.

Here is a picture of the beanie I am making SS. I bought some of the wool silk blend which I really like – it is soft and scrummy and the little knobbly bits are a diversion (you never know how or when they will appear!). It is the perfect colour for him, just what he wanted. It looks very small at the moment and he has a big head, but the 2x2 rib should stretch. He wants it to turn up at the brim, but even so I should have this done tonight. I finished the MIL scarf and have posted the picture here. I am a bit upset, the scalloped edge did not translate to the other end, I have tried to iron it in, but it remains quite straight. Never mind. There are a couple of other photos, check them out. I particularly like the Tiny Madam bag.

I have also finished one yellow sock, also for SS (I am only knitting for him at the moment!). It is longer in the foot than my pair. The toe is a mess. I do not graft well, but since they are really only going to be worn around the house I guess it doesn’t matter. One day I will ask someone to show me how to do it better. I feel – ambivalent – towards socks. Perhaps I need to get some expensive and yummy yarn in a tiny ply and knit some that I can wear with shoes. Maybe I need to cut my losses and move on.

Are any of you locals going to the craft fair on the weekend? I am going on Saturday. Has anyone been in the past couple of years? I went about five years ago when it was at the Silverdome and when I wasn’t quite so obsessed with knitting. I bought a cross stitch kit that was obscenely expensive and still sits in the cupboard unfinished like so many other guilty cross stitch secrets in my cupboard. Do they have lots of knitting stuff??

I have bought the yarn for Tubey and at the moment am considering making myself some armwarmers. There is a cool pattern in SnB Nation which I might try. I guess it will just be like a pair of socks with no heel and instep, they do have a viney pattern on them, so this should be interesting. I am going to use leftovers of black and green. Still trying to work out some more things for Project Spectrum – there will be an orange stripe in Tubey. The Manly Sweater is still on the go, albeit slowly.
Knitting . . . creating something from not much at all.

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