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Thursday, March 02, 2006
  Another first for me!

Here is my Olympic Gold medal. I think this is my third ever medal - and it's virtual! I don't really feel like I deserve it as the scarf did not stretch me that far, but none the less...

I have finished the back and front of the raspberry jumper, and have not done much more of the bag. I am going to knit the two sleeves together, so hopefully I will have that jumper finished b the end of the weekend. I am quite busy at work, so it is nice to go home and vegetate with the television and some mindless stocking stitch! I will probably have enough yarn over to do Odessa, so I will find some yummy beads on Saturday.

I joined a knitalong! I am so excited. It's a funny thing, I keep finding different and new things that I want to try. My obsession is not waning, it is growing and gaining speed. And in this instance instead of visualising a snowball, I see a yarnball somehow winding itself up into a bigger yarnball!!

Mother has supplied me with some excellent knitting patterns from the new City Mission shop that has just opened. She was there for ages sifting through the apparently gazillions of pattern books there. Of course some of the stuff is incredibly dated, although weirdly that is generally the knitwear that is less than fifteen years old! What were we thinking dressing ourselves in enourmous knitted sacks? SS also got me seven books from the library, I had to return SnB this week, so he raided the shelves for some more fuel to the fire! What a sweetheart.

A grammar question. Do you say knit or knitted for the past tense? I have always said knitted, which is correct (I checked) but I notice a lot of bloggers use "I knit this last year". What do you think?
Firstly a huge congratulations on your gold medal, well done and secondly it is definately knitted.

I used to love going to the 'old' City Mission and could spend ages going through their patterns. I must go to the new one and have a look.
Yes, Sharon is right, in Australia we 'knitted' in the USA the past tense is 'knit'. This is because their grammar dates from the Mayflower landing at Plymouth. Our grammar dates from Phillip landing at Botany Bay. Our past tenses reflect the language in the UK at the time our countries were settled. They say 'He lighted the candle' and we say 'She lit the candle'. (Can't help myself!!!)
Well done on the medal. It is well deserved. Be proud!!!
You knit so fast!! Can't wait to see the finished raspberry jumper!!!
I beg to differ from Sharon and Cindy because I used the term I "knit" this when talking in the past tense but then again everyone is different.

Well done on the gold medal.

Definitely "knitted"!
Oh yes, congrats on the medal!!!
I'd say knitted. (Although, I wonder if somebody could put across the arguement for knat). Congrats on the gold medal. I never made it that far. *sigh*
I was going to say what Cindy said. Knitted is Aussie. Knit is American. Like that put "Write me back" instead of write back to me.

Congrats on the medal. I still havent put mine up on my blog. Its great to get one isnt it ;)

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