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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
  The Dreaded Lurgy
My goodness me what a few days I have had. Unfortunately the only knitting news I have is backwards, in that I finished one and five sixths of the sleeves of my raspberry jumper and they are way too long, so I have undone one and am reknitting. The pattern said to increase every six rows, I am going to do so every four and hopefully this will fix the issue. Live and learn (again). Still, I have plenty of time on my hands, in our little family we have fallen one after the other with terrible icky sickness. Every one of us. So I am up to day two off work.

All this began last Thursday night, then that one recovered enough for me to go ahead with a planned girls night (mother, mil and best friend) over for a knitting/crochet evening. We were all set up when . . . oh oh, I don't feel so good. Friend and mil took off like shots (who can blame them?) with mother left to hold the fort (bucket!) until SS came home from work. Then he fell, then daughter two and last night daughter one. That's it though, unless it spreads furhter afield to grandparents and various others we have been in contact with.

Do you like my little picture? This is what can happen when I have too much time on my hands. Sure I could be cleaning the house or knitting, but a girl needs a break every now and then! Have fun you Launceston SnBers, I am thinking of you, wishing I was there! And let me know the upshot of your market talks!

Here are some of the patterns mother has found me at the new op shop. I will let you know if I decide to knit anything retro. Something with parrots perhaps, a la Kath Day-Knight! Can you spot Lavinia Nixon??

Hope you are ALL feeling better now, that is the trouble with those dreaded bugs, they spread.

I love your knitting books, I have to admit that I own the WW one with the red number on the front and made plenty out of it too way back when!!! Lavinia Nixon modelled a lot for knitting patterns obviously, because I have some in my stash with her on the covers.

We will be thinking of you while we are stitchin' and not too much bitchin' and we will keep you up to speed with developments of market.

I always have to shorten my sleeves on patterns as I have short arms :(
You poor things!! I hope you are feeling better.
You can spot lots of current 'celebrities' modelling in old knitting books!! I have one with Livinia too, she must have made a living from it!!!
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