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Sunday, June 18, 2006
  Rockin and rollin and what not
I quote Danny Zuko. And I guess this sums up what I have been doing. Not a lot thank goodness. Cindy has inspired me to have a rant, but I will talk knitting first. I have almost finished a vest all of my own creating. I hope to finish it tonight, to this end I will be quick. I just thought I would update while my hair cooks. I am dying it. Again. After a fairly disastrous dying incident yesterday, I am trying again. I am also worried it might all fall out. We'll see!

I am up to the heel bit of the second Opal sock, and am knitting a pair of Jaywalkers upside down with the ebay yarn I bought. They look terrific. I had hoped to have both of these pairs finished, but hey, I have to go out sometimes.

I have made many purchases this week, including some new shoes for work, an iron (to iron work clothes) and some clothes, also for work. I have bought no yarn whatsoever. Hmm. Oh, the vest is the wrappy thing reincarnate. Waste not want not. Or want not reknit!

Ah yes, the rant. I have been witness to two incidents lately which have almost driven me to pick up pen and write to management. Incident 1 occured some weeks ago but is still irking me. Little Purl and I were shopping for a new mobile phone and had entered a reputable establishment in our little city. As we were paying for said phone, a little upstart young man was laughing his empty head off about a little old lady who was in the store because her phone had ceased to work. Her phone looked a little like this:

I was concerned he might wet his pants. I was absolutely appalled and wished with all of my wishing that I was brave enough to tell him to shut up! Of course this woman has lived through a time where some things lasted longer than a year! Of course she would be expecting to walk into a shop and be treated with respect. Grr! It was not to be.

The second incident: Little Purl and I were again in a reputable establishment, this time in the 'burbs, having a prescription filled. As we wandered the pharmacy trying perfumes and looking at trinkets, we witnessed two little chippies behind the counter having a good old laugh at the expense of someone in a set of photos that had been developed!!! Look, I am not naive and despite my youthful appearance was not born yesterday. I know if you drop a roll of film off to be developed they will be viewed by various people and perhaps even snickered at - BUT PLEASE! In full view of the public! I was disgusted. And, the comments they were making were disgusting and related to people with disabilities. I was again, appalled.

What is the world coming to? Now, my head is cooked. If you don't hear from me again it means I have gone into hibernation while my hair grows back. Actually, even if this happens you will still hear from me - I will have to live vicariously through my blog.
Ok, so the 1/3 life crisis is hair related!! Thank goodness. You are just Anne of Green Gables!!
Vest and socks : cool, there is a Jaywalker competition on Grumperina's site. Happy vesting!!
It is terrible that young, and it is mostly young, people have little or no respect for others, regardless of their age. I am afraid I am well past holding my tongue. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are so inclined, I think a little letter about these things is a jolly good idea.
Hope your return to work is not too hair-raising!!!
I have this terrible fear of dyeing my hair in case it turns grey underneath while the colour grows out, so I think you are the bravest person on earth to do it two days running.
As I get older I am finding myself braver at speaking out, but it is stomach-churning to confront others. A letter is so much more effective. It exists for a lot longer and you can use well chosen words that you always wish you had said after a "blurt".
Cheers Gillian
Wow! I would be stewing after both those incidents too...and the most annoying thing is the way that you then spend days thinking of cutting remarks that you could have made at the time - but didn't!
Bad service abounds I'm afraid, the ones who annoy me most are the ones who ignore you while they gossip with someone else somehting my former co-worker was particulary good at.
Sorry to hear about your rude people experiences. They tend to bring out my inner doormat I'm afraid.

I am so glad I don't get photos developed anymore, thanks to the digital revolution. It always creeped me out a little that other people looked at them!
Its terrible how rude some people can be isnt it? And in PUBLIC...

I get DH to dye my hair (that way I dont miss any spots)..He is very good and helpful.

Cant wait to see socks.

Dyed hair!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm

I haven't had mine done for a while. (About 11 months).

Must get DH to do it for me again soon.

I absolutely abhor bad service like in the black spot of doom light.

I had an incident there last week where all 4 counters had long lines and only 1 person serving on each (1 was also on the phone).

Dyeing is SUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!

bad service it gets me so mad it probably will result in a good dose of high blood pressure.

mmmm dyed hair must do mine again
I used that phone like erm...6 years ago??? and I have changed like over 5 phones??? haha!!!

Ugh...thoughtless people is the scurge! They forgot that no matter how "fun" it might be to laugh as someone, those "someones" have feelings too.
I actually was one of those photo kids once. Fortunately for me and my customers, I was alone in a little booth, and just thought things at people when they came to pick up their pictures.

I'm getting old enough that I grump at everyone in public nowadays -- some day some young man is going to pour a soda on me or something when I suggest that they're being disrespectful. Oh well.

Hope you're feeling more centered now.
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