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Saturday, December 02, 2006
  i bought yarn!
Hey there patient readers! I have as always been completely flat out for the past couple of weeks, but there is a window of opportunity to get some knitting done this weekend, and I plan to use it.

I bought some yarn from The Knittery which is absolutely gorgeous. The red is called 'Rose' and it will become a pair of Pomatomus - I already started these twice but have trouble counting when I am tired, so I can only do a bit at a time. ADHD I think.

The other colour is 'Coral Reef' (I think) and I have no idea what it will become. Perhaps a pair of plain socks for my good friend who is PREGNANT! Woopee and hooray!

Tiny madam turned four last weekend, and we had a lovely day of family and friends visiting. Here is a photo of some of her presents:

We all had a very lovely day outside in the garden. And because I have starved you of photos for so long, I thought I would include one that Little Purl took of a plant I can't name in our garden. Thankfully we bought our house from a lovely lady who had established quite a garden, so we have roses and camelias and azaleas and magnolias and lots of other lovely things to look at most of the year.

I just love purple and green together. Can anyone tell me what this is??

And, not that anyone is counting but there are thirteen school days left this term. How exciting! I can smell Christmas, can you? At our house, it smells like sunscreen and nibbly food, and the door opening and shutting to let people in and out. We are hosting this year, and I am so excited about it. I might need to practice some culinary masterpieces before the big day. Anyone have any ideas about half traditional ways in which to spend a summer Christmas?

Eleven days until my birthday!

Yes, Summer is here and Christmas is just round the bend, ;like I will be before it gets here!! Isn't the Knittery Wool lovely?? What excellent presents for Tiny Madam!! I like purple and green together too, they do look nice.
Let the countdown begin!!!!!
I love this time of the year, once school has finished of course!

I can kill weeds so have absolutely no idea about gardening which is sad really, so I am no help.

So what instrument are you picking back up? Is it something in the water or our looking back at lost youth, perhaps ;)
Ok see if my comment will go through today (since it didnt yesterday).

I am half looking forward to school hols and half not.

Oooh that flower is pretty..I am dying up some sock wool today and will probably do one in purple and green if you are interested in buying it (only $15 for enough for a pair of socks).

Half traditional Christmas???
Hmm, I am working this Christmas so I fugure that is perhaps not quite traditional!
But celebratory wise, I accumlate food magazines and any other magazine with a food section in the lead up to Christmas. It's hard to convince anybody else to go for oysters and frozen margaritas however!
But I do have a recipe for a Port and Apricot Glaze for a turkey breast roll if your interested?? I can post it up on my blog. And a couple of years ago I made a Tequila Mayo to have with my prawns, all right, I cheated and follwed the hints for if you didn't have time to make your own mayo and bought some and just added the tequila in but it was good!
I don't like turkey and ham, so I htink a good mix would be seafood and baked vegies. Trad and trendy!

A Summer Christmas? I lived in the Caribbean for five years. The only thing that comes to mind is to listen to some lively Puerto Rican Christmas music!
It could be a (real) geranium, as opposed to a pelargonium, which is often called a geranium.

Enjoy your Christmas!!
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